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Lohifushi Island Resort, Maldives
October 2004

Maldivian Flag

Organized by Neckermann Reisen AG, Austria
Duration: 14 days
Group size: 3
Type: Private Holidays

Map of Central Maldives
Map of Central Maldives
Map of Lohifushi
Map of Lohifushi

Samsung Digimax V4

Photographs presented were taken with Samsung Digimax V4 digital camera, originally taken in 2272 x 1704 resolution and downsampled for the web site to 1280 x 960. Original photos are also available on a CD version. Most images were digitally adjusted for optimal color and contrast to compensate for exposure errors. Some images were shot in very poor light conditions, and as no tripod was available or used, they may be blurry.

Arriving to Lohifushi

Vienna airport in the evening,
waiting for a plane to Male,
About 10 hours on the plane, and we are
leaving Lauda Air B-767-300 that took us
to Male via Colombo, Sri Lanka, just before
midday next day.
Next is a half-hour speed-
boat trip to the Lohifushi
... and here we are.

First impressions of the beach in the afternoon, with fine white
sand and a shallow coral lagoon with dug-in holes for swimming
Our bungalow #238, a home for the next two weeks

Bungalow from the inside

First Impressions

The first vacation day started cloudy, and
quickly turned to justify the rainy season.
By lunchtime the rain subsided, and we were
getting acquainted with Lohifushi on our way to lunch
Among other things, we
discovered large bats...

The weather next morning turned out to be much better, and we could start to enjoy our beach...

Bungalows viewed from the beach Although some heavy clouds have threatened
with rain in the afternoon... only ended with light-
and-shadow effects...
...and a beautiful rainbow... ...or two...

First Sunset Fishing Trip

This evening we are going sunset
spot fishing by these two dhonies.
Fishing lines and
bates are ready
Even though the first fishing trip only resulted in one
hastily released moray fish on the score sheet,
it was a pleasant evening with a nice sunset.

Enjoying days on Lohifushi

Another day is starting with
a memorable sunrise...
...and a coconut treat In the afternoon, we were snorkeling at
the end of jetty, on the reef...

...and spotted dolphins
passing by
Westside beach from
the jetty
Jetty in the evening light One of the surfing spots A spectacular sunset

Waking up to a peaceful morning...


A banana plantage behind the bungalows Scenery by the beach bar

The "undholi", a
traditional Maldivian
A view on the pass by the jetty Snorkeling entrance
with a safety rope
And another sunset while
snacking in the Sunset

Snorkeling trip

The sixth day started
with kicking back
on the beach...
...and in the afternoon we went on a snorkeling trip, taking us by
boat to the two of the best snorkeling points on the local coral reef
Passing neighboring

Back on the boat,
still dripping water
On the way back, we were joined by playful dolphins

Returning to the Lohifushi harbor in the late afternoon...

...just in time for an
afternoon snack...
... and one more sunset photo session...


Fish at the Beach Lagoon

Collected here are a few photographs taken by carrying the camera while walking in shallow lagoon waters, or simply taken from the water edge. While there is a lot of interesting fish to see this way, it doesn't begin to compare with what one can see by going snorkeling on the coral reef. Unfortunately, my camera is not capable of underwater photography, and I could only enjoy watching all the breathtaking reef fish we have encountered, including black tip sharks, various colorful parrot fish, surgeon fish, study a few intimidating looking moray fish under their rocks, watch graceful stingrays, swarms of unicorn fish, and many others... We even had an unique chance of swimming with and holding on to a 1m large sea turtle.
Still, these photos can give you a basic impression on how fish and sea are like in the Maldives.

A baby black-tip reef shark ("sharky") in shallow
waters, there were a few to be seen every day
A small moray fish Local crabs

Another regular visitor to our piece of beach,
possibly a small titan triggerfish.
A beautiful and colorful picasso triggerfish, very common,
very territorial, and acting as police of small lagoon corals

Small corals in the shallow lagoon are a gathering place and home to many colorful fish

A colony of
Hambug Damselfish
Blowfish, paying us a visit Small butterfly fish in its element

There are lots of other fish, smaller and larger, in the shallow waters, virtually unafraid of people

Butterfly fish A small stingray
visiting our beach
A crab party

Sunrise Fishing

We are going sunrise fishing,
at 5:30 AM on a Friday morning,
to a great delight of our crew...
Dragging a fishing line behind,
hoping for a tuna or jackfish
Not much action though,
with half-comatosed crew
in the background...
Returning to Lohi for a breakfast,
after two-hours panoramic
drive along the Male atoll.
Fish were safe that morning.

More Beach Time

Returning from early morning fishing,
back to the beach...
Seaplanes, common to be seen flying
between Maldives islands

Local flora... ...and fauna It's a coconut
picking day today...
...and blinking eyes gets
a girl a fresh coconut
Coconut pealing

Bungalows are regularly
cleaned, towels replaced
Walking through the south, "industrial" part of Lohifushi

Some posing going on while on a roundtrip around the island

... Banana plantage Papaya plants

Papaya fruit,
not yet ripe
A back road to
the bungalows
Back at the bungalows Air-conditioning device,
our best friend

A bit of sugar-
coated advertising
The staff is playing cricket and volleyball in the afternoon
on a Muslim holiday day of Friday
A tranquil evening

Fresh supplies arriving
for hungry guest
Three important Lohifushi
locations: Beach bar...
...Hiyala bar... ...and, snack time,
Sunset bar...

For some reason, I just keep on photographing sunsets...

The next morning a few more photos of our beach and bungalows, this time from a sea side,
with a very low tide. After lunch, we are visiting Male, the capital city of the Maldives.
The Hole

A visit to Male

Two speed boats are waiting to take us to Male A few snapshots by sticking the camera
out of the speeding boat's window...

Arriving to Male Maldives parliament The Islamic Centre,
the main Male mosk
A dress code applies for
entering the mosk...

The Islamic Centre minaret Sultan Park and the Museum of Maldives. Nice, small park - lots of green, lots of mosquitoes.

Schoolgirls in Male
going home after school
Presidential Palace The oldest mosk in
Male. For men only.
Busy Male streets on the way to fish market

Fish market. Tuna, barracuda, swordfish, whatever you like, in big piles on the floor. Fruit market.

Even back alleys in Male are busy... Maldivian naval forces The Republic Square park
by the harbor

These pigeons know
where the shadow is
Sitting around, watching the street,
waiting for a boat back to Lohi

Surfing on Lohifushi

Lohifushi is well known
for its surfing waves
Surf Bar on Lohi Surfers in action...

More surfers in action... Waiting for the right wave

Second Sunset Fishing

Going spot fishing at the
sunset for a second time
Enjoying the last
sun rays
Another beautiful sunset as we arrive to the fishing spot,
and fish are waiting.

The best fisherwoman
out of us three, a red
snapper on the hook
The catch of the night.
Note the bit off fish on the left, attacked
by a big barracuda while being pulled up.

Wrapping it up

It's our last full day on Lohi,
time to take a few last photographs
Our three
beach chairs
Banyan restaurant, the
place of soup chefs...
Reading corner by
the souvenir shops

Sunset bar and restaurant The last sunset on our beach The last dinner, flowers
marking our departure

The next morning, we are leaving. The last few shots from the bungalow porch
while packing the last few details. Luggage will be picked up within an hour.

Going Home

Returning the key
and checking out
A dhoni waiting for us to
take use to the airport
Last fish by the jetty Leaving Lohifushi...

Last glimpses on the
familiar beach...
...and the island
on the other side...
...and off we go.

Crystal clear waters, with clearly visible bottom when
surface is calm, and large swarms of fish passing by.
Getting closer and closer to Male.
The airport is on an island of its own, on our left.

Passing scenery Returning from
tuna fishing...
A speed boat passing.
Emphasis on "speed"...
The airport must be near now...

The last view on Male while
turning to the airport
Male Intl. Airport
Waiting for a plane
is sooo boring...
India's Airbus A320. Not our plane, but there
was nothing better to do...

Our B-767 arriving from
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Boarding the plane some
45 minutes later
On 34.000 ft somewhere
over Iran, going home.