Cross-country flight: Primorska
( Ljubljana Brnik - Logatec - Črni Kal - Portorož airport - Piran - Ilirska Bistrica - Ljubljana Brnik)
August 17th, 2006

After two weeks of rainy and unseasonably cold weather it finally started to look like a summer again, and we went on a plane trip to the sea-side of Slovenia, scheduling a short stop at Portorož before flying back to Ljubljana airport. The day turned out to be somewhat cloudier than forecasted, and the wind was picking up slightly throughout the country with every passing hour. Still, while slightly bumpy, it turned out to be a nice flight, and photos really came up great this time.

Map of Slovenia with
plotted flight route
Piper Tomahawk PA-38

Flight details:
LJLJ - S3 - Logatec - PE1 - PE2 - LJPZ (full stop, 1h:35m)
LJPZ - PN1 - PE2 - PE1 - ILB VOR - S1 - S3 - LJLJ
Distance: 134 nm (248 km)
Take-off time: 12:04 CET
Duration (flight time): 1 hour, 38 minutes.
Flight Altitude: 2.500 - 4.000 ft QNH

Pilot: Robert Galle, PPL(A)
Photographs by Vanja Pfajfar

Preparing the airplane
for flight
Departing from Ljubljana
airport towards S3
Hills west
of Medvode
Polhov Gradec is
behind the hill

The city of Vrhnika; arriving, over it, and leaving Clouds were starting to pile up as we
proceeded to Logatec

The landmark of Logatec - trees by the road A few aerial photos of Logatec, our hometown

A few more snapshots of the familiar neighborhood

A very dark cloud over
our heads abeam Postojna
A distinctive shape of Nanos Looking down the
Vipavska valley
Senožeče highway exit

Divača The sea-side starts showing up,
Italian Trieste on the right
Over the border,
the port of Trieste
Viaduct Črni Kal,
PE1 to pilots

The largest viaduct in Slovenia; 87,50m high and 1065m long The port of Koper
is coming up
Debeli rtič

One more look
back on Črni Kal
Highway forking to
Koper and Trieste
Passing by Koper, flying directly to Portorož airport

The Piran bay is visible straight ahead Salt extraction fields at Sečovlje while joining right downwind RWY33.

Portorož airport Turning to base leg... ... and turning to
final RWY 33

Landing at Portorož airfield

Taking off an hour
and a half later...
...and turning towards
Portorož and Piran
Izola in the distance The Portorož Riviera

Portorož Marina The central beach Panoramic view of
Slovenian sea-side
Bernardin and
the city of Piran

Making a turn around Piran, one of the most picturesque old cities on Slovenian coast

Smaller salt extraction
field near Strunjan
The Strunjan cliff Izola ahead, with its marina and shipyard

Izola hospital above the coastal road between Izola and Koper Koper and the Koper
port on the left
The city of Koper

Koper downtown Ankaran to the north A small bush fire by a railway
was visible ahead

Such small fires are common
during the summer in this dry coastal area
Slavnik ILB VOR is showing on
the hill above the lake
Ilirska Bistrica
to the right

Ilirska Bistrica Climbing over Javorniki hill range to Cerknica and its intermittent lake on the other side

Cerknica lake, with very little water left in this time of the year Cerknica Rakek

A characteristic indent into hills at Borovnica,
with a railroad making a U-turn.
Ljubljana valley A small lake near Podpeč

Ljubljansko barje with Ljubljanica river Passing Ljubljana on the
way to the airport
Highway construction
at Šentvid

Turning to final runway 31... ...and landing back at the Ljubljana Brnik airport