Solo Cross Country Flight
( Ljubljana Brnik - Slovenj Gradec - Maribor - Celje - Novo mesto - Ribnica - Ljubljana Brnik )
September 15th, 2005

Collected here are a few photos taken in-flight on a solo cross-country flight on a nice, early autumn day. A map of Slovenia with charted flight route is included for your reference, so you may follow the photos and compare what you see to the map.
If you are following the map, you will notice that parts of the trip are missing, mostly around airfields visited on the way. While those would be very interesting to photograph, those are also segments where workload is the heaviest for the pilot, and this is no time to be playing with the camera.

Samsung Digimax V4 Photos here are anything but artistic, they were taken somewhat in a hurry while flying the plane, through a rather dirty plexy glass, and using one hand only. The digital camera was Samsung Digimax V4, with full auto settings. Some of the photographs very adjusted for colors and exposure, and all were downsampled for the web site presentation. As always, click on the thumbnail for larger picture.

Map of Slovenia with
plotted flight route
Piper Tomahawk PA-38

Route details:
LJLJ - NE - LJSG (touch&go) - MS1 - LJMB (touch&go) - MS2 - Celje - Novo mesto - Ribnica - S1 - S3 - LJLJ
Distance: 155 nm (287 km)
Duration: 2 hours, 13 minutes.
Flight Altitude: 4.500 ft QNH
QNH: 1020

Over Črnivec road pass, Golte ahead,
Alps on the left
Gornji Grad Golte Ljubno ob Savinji

Nazarje and Mozirje The south side
of Golte
A tower of steam giving
away thermo-electric
power plant Šoštanj

Velenje lake, Sostanj,
and city of Velenje
in the back
Approaching Rače, Maribor
airfield ahead
Maribor on the left Maribor view while entering
right downwind RWY 15.
Leaving Maribor airport,
view to the south

Following the highway
to Celje
Slovenske Konjice Celje ahead A distinctive lake
north of Celje

Celje Leaving Celje, a view
from the south
Reaching Laško, a view
in direction of Trbovlje
Flying over Laško

Looking back on Žalec Railroad by the
Savinja river
Zidani most,
railroad crossing
Highway construction site
at Novo mesto, airfield
visible on the top right
Novo mesto from

Krka river going
through Novo mesto
Novo mesto center Suha Krajina view
with Žužemberk
Ribnica is behind
this hill

Gas storage base
near Sodražica
Velike Lašče ahead A bit on the right
side, Grosuplje ahead
Ig Towards S1, entry point
to LJLJ control zone

Ljubljana from the south