Cross-country flight: Štajerska
( Ljubljana Brnik - Kamnik - Celje - Ptuj - Maribor - Slovenj Gradec - Kamnik - Ljubljana Brnik )
July 31st, 2006

This flight trip has hanged in the air as it wasn't clear if weather conditions will allow it. A few thunderstorms and rain showers have passed over Slovenija during the day, but it did clear up a bit as the evening was approaching. Western part of the country has remained cloudy, even with a few rain drops to be seen on return, but clouds had dispersed further to the east, and we were able to enjoy some flying in the evening sun. Conditions were not ideal for photography though; there was a lot of glare, and for the better part it remained cloudy and rather dark.

Map of Slovenia with
plotted flight route
Piper Tomahawk PA-38

Flight details:
LJLJ - NE - Celje - MS2 - ME1 - ME2 - MN2 - Slovenj Gradec - NE - LJLJ
Distance: 136 nm (252 km)
Take-off time: 17:54 CET
Duration: 1 hour, 41 minutes.
Flight Altitude: 3.500 - 5.000 ft QNH

Pilot: Robert Galle, PPL(A)
Photographs by Vanja Pfajfar

Kamniške Alpe from
Brnik airport
Taking off from Brnik
on RWY31, turning
back to Kamnik
Overhead Vransko,
Celje showing ahead
Zovneško jezero and Polzela behind it

Making a circle around Polzela Velenje and Velenjsko
jezero north of Polzela

Turning to Celje, following the highway Celje through
high magnification
Downtown Celje

A few Celje close-ups Celje castle Celje and Štore

Leaving Celje towards Ptuj Highway going to Maribor A viaduct on the highway,
MS2 to the pilots
The city of
Slovenjska Bistrica
Kidričevo below,
Ptujsko jezero ahead

Ptujsko jezero Ptuj and Drava river

A few close-ups of Ptuj Going north towards
Lenart, a view on
Slovenjske Gorice
Turning back west
to Maribor city

Details of Maribor city from the north

Pohorje ski
Maribor is staying behind... we enter the Drava valley

A narrow valley with Drava river,
a railroad, and a few scattered villages
Radlje ob Dravi Drava river in the evening

Vuzenica hydroelectric
plant behind us
Flying over Slovenj Gradec,
airport on the south
Šoštanj thermoelectric plant ahead,
Velenje airport visible below
Šoštanj and Velenje

Thermoelectric plant's
steamy cooling towers
Gornji Grad Descending sun shines through a hole in the clouds

Flying over Črnivec pass to Kamnik It's cloudy to the north, but low sun manages to shine up the mountains

Kamniško sedlo Crimson skies on final
approach to Brnik
Landing at Brnik airport