Islands of the Pacific
November 2003

Los Angeles - Tahiti - Cook Islands - New Zealand - Fiji - London

Organized by Kompas Holidays d.d., Slovenia
Duration: 18 days
Group size: 18
Tour guide: Aleš Fevžer

Samsung Digimax V4 Photographs available here were taken with Samsung Digimax V4 digital camera, originally taken in 2272 x 1704 resolution and downsampled for this presentation to 1280 x 960. Original photos are also available on a CD version. Some photographs were digitally adjusted for color and contrast to compensate for exposure errors - I'm far for being a professional when it comes to photography, I'm sure you can tell. No tripod was used, and some of the photos shot in low light conditions may be blurry due to camera shake or fast movement. Still, images serve their purpose. There are a total of 318 photos in this gallery.

This photo gallery and travel summary focus on the trip itself, and were compiled in memory of good times on this journey, as a quick index for exchanging photographs with my fellow travelers, and as a reference to anybody interested in the Islands of the Pacific, perhaps planning to travel there some day themselves. I can only recommend it.

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The tour of Pacific Islands started by gathering at Ljubljana Airport in the early morning, following with flights to London and our first destination, Los Angeles, where we will spend a night and take a quick look around before continuing over to the Pacific Ocean.

Los Angeles

Arriving in Los Angeles in late afternoon local time, a shuttle bus is waiting to take us on a quick tour of Los Angeles before checking in the Four Points Sheraton Hotel.

Finding ourselves at Mexican festivities
in LA at one of the evening tour stops

After breakfast, we packed our luggage, checked out of the hotel and went on a bus for some real Los Angeles sightseeing, before being dropped of at LAX in late afternoon for a flight to Papettee, Tahiti.

One of the LA marinas Venice Beach walkway

Venice Beach in the morning Lifeguard tower

Shooting some hoops
on Sunday morning
Santa Monica Pier

Walk of Fame of Hollywood - Hollywood Boulevard
with bronze stars in the walkway
The concrete in front of Chinese Theater
holds the hand and foot imprints of more
than 180 celebrities

More imprints in front of Chinese Theater Hollywood Boulevard

Entering Universal Studios Hollywood. Some really nice rides
and shows, don't miss the Back To The Future ride!
Waterworld show. When they say
you might get wet, they mean it.
They throw buckets of water at
the audience. Literally.
A finale of the Jurassic Park ride.
That raincoat they are selling for
$1 at the entrance - go for it...

There's always a crowd The last panoramic shot of the Universal Studio's
production halls, and we are on our way to the
LAX airport, boarding a B-767 for Tahiti.

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