Islands of the Pacific
November 2003

Los Angeles - Tahiti - Cook Islands - New Zealand - Fiji - London

Cook Islands

Arriving at Rarotonga, Cook Islands at 7 am, we had a free morning to catch on some sleep. In the afternoon, we are going to see the island with a bus.

One of the best accommodations on the trip, a very
roomy beach-side apartment with glass patio door,
the sea being just a few steps away
A nice sandy beach at the Pacific Resort, Rarotonga

A bus tour of the island,
downtown Rarotonga
Take a guess what this
one is the God of...
Cook Islands Parliament Volcanic rocks

Landscape on the other side of the
island, at the black pearls shop
Back just in time for
a sunset
The next morning, we
are visiting Aitutaki

Aitutaki is supposed to be one of the most beautiful islands in the Pacific, and it lives up to this reputation. This was also the location where they were filming the well known The Blue Lagoon movie, starring Brooke Shields.

Welcome to Aitutaki, we
got flowers and a
coconut drink
Driving to our resort, we made a quick photo-stop at the local port One of the nicest and best
arranged beaches we were on

Equipment like canoes and snorkeling gear were free to borrow. Waters
are very shallow here though, except for the dug up trench right
at the beach. You could easily walk to the island across.
Bungalows at
Aitutaki Lagoon Resort
Hammocks were
comfy, too...

This is where I was
staying on Aitutaki
As most Pacific islands,
Aitutaki is mostly volcanic
in origin
There are some 500 locals living on
Aitutaki, and are extremely friendly.
We caught them at one of the greater
social events, a football match.
What a hard time we are having at Aitutaki...

An evening show
by the dinner
Waking up to a calm morning Another day, another boat
trip around the island

Aitutaki has lots of small, uninhabited islands, perfect if you want some piece and quiet.
We've made a few snorkeling stops on the way, and had a grill lunch on the boat.
Of course, some local
songs come with a trip.

Our destination, One Foot Island
on the edge corner of Aitutaki
A few hours time off to explore the island, go swimming and snorkeling

Lots to see around worth taking a photo Another coconut peeling

Beautiful beaches on Aitutaki

Late in the afternoon we were leaving Aitutaki by plane back to Rarotonga, where we would spend the last night on the Cook Islands. A picnic dinner was organized at one of the bungalows, featuring one of the most expensive hams in history, and early in the morning we would be reluctantly joining Air New Zealand once again on their flight to Auckland, New Zealand.

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