Islands of the Pacific
November 2003

Los Angeles - Tahiti - Cook Islands - New Zealand - Fiji - London


After two long flights, 9 hours from Nadi, Fiji to Los Angeles on B-767, and additional 10 hours from Los Angeles to London on B-747, we arrived at Heathrow Airport in late morning, local time. As our connecting flight home wasn't due till late in the evening, a bus was arranged to store our luggage for the day, and take us around London on sightseeing.

London, Trafalgar Square Nelson's Column Tower Bridge Tower of London

London Eye Big Ben The National Gallery Buckingham Palace. George Bush Jr.
was coming to town that day...
Nice ship

A Thames River view Royal Observatory, Greenwich The Prime Meridian, located at the
Greenwich Observatory. This red line
was responsible for our shifting clocks
all the time in the last 18 days.
London at dusk. The bus is waiting to
take us to the Gatwick airport, and
in a few hours, we'll be home.

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