Islands of the Pacific
November 2003

Los Angeles - Tahiti - Cook Islands - New Zealand - Fiji - London


We came to Nadi, Fiji in the evening, and were transported to our hotel, Sheraton Fiji Resort, Denarou Island. Fiji was planned to be easier on our schedule, giving us some more R&R time on the beach for the end of the trip.

Sheraton Fiji Resort, Denarou Island Fiji is no exception, another beautiful sandy beach

Everything needed to
get some sunshine
Shells on the beach    

A view from
the hammock...
Even the birds
are colorful
Lighting up torches
in the evening
The sun is going down,
dinner time

After dinner, a presentation of local songs and dances

The next day was reserved for a catamaran trip to the Beachcomber Island, very well equipped for a remote island, where we can enjoy the day swimming and sunbathing until late afternoon.

About to board the catamaran,
the right one was ours.
They are going to the
Beachcomber, too.
Beachcomber Island. There is no notable coral reef or lagoon
around Beachcomber for a change, waves were notable.

Some of the activities at Beachcomber. Our own little house
of shadow
Beachcomber natives.
Now coconut-stuffed.

As the catamarans are too
big to come to the beach, we
were transported to and from
the beach using these
glass-bottom boats.
Going back to
Denarau Island
Shadows are getting long back at the hotel beach,
the Sun is about to set, and torches
on the beach get lit

A sunset at Fiji

The last day at Fiji. The morning is reserved for one last swim in the Pacific Ocean, then we have to empty our rooms and go on the bus tour around Fiji.

Leaving the Sheraton
Fiji Resort
A Hindu temple Fiji landscape, lots
of sugarcane fields
A narrow-track railway,
transporting its sugarcane
load to the processing
Entering the Viseisei
village, where the house
of Fijian president is

Chief's main house Viseisei village Breadplant fruit

The last stop was at the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, a 50-acre orchid range.
Lots of flowers to photograph.

We returned from the trip in late afternoon, and had the goodbye dinner at the local golf club. In the evening transport to Nadi airport for the first leg on the way home, a flight to Los Angeles.

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